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Moments of Clarity: Communicating the Value of Tourism

Moments of Clarity is proud to bring you data and insights to help you leverage your place-based assets. Your residents, businesses, and visitors will benefit.

Tools and Techniques: How to Share Your DMO’s Impact

Impactulator_comboDoes your destination management organization (DMO) struggle with how to demonstrate its impact and value to the community? Do your local municipalities understand how tourism revenues can help balance local budgets and meet community-wide needs?

While it’s widely accepted that fire departments keep us safe, schools keep our future secure, and parks keep us healthy, the work of destination organizations is not widely accepted. 

Experience Kissimmee created the online tool Impactulator to help destination organizations communicate the value of their tourism promotion and destination management efforts.

The Impactulator tool offers two key features:

*  It calculates the return on investment that a destination organization brings and

*  It communicates the value in a way that residents, politicians, and associations can understand and appreciate.

Impactulator combines raw data, field-tested formulas, nationwide benchmarks, independently validated figures, and research-driven messaging using patent pending technology. It then delivers print-ready narratives for key audiences in your destination, including local elected officials, residents, and internal leadership. Learn more at

Industry Insights

Do you know what Federal or State-level initiatives could help make your destination more competitive? Here are two pieces of legislation that could boost your efforts. 

Mirror Lake, in Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon.-1Increasing Responsible Visitation on Federal and Forest Lands

Why It Matters: Earlier this year, the Senate introduced S.873, a bipartisan bill that would increase and improve access to outdoor recreation–and work with gateway communities to encourage responsible visitation.

Summary: Originally introduced in 2022, the bill is now called America’s Outdoor Recreation Act. The U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management would need to consider ways to improve recreation when developing and revising land management plans. The bill would do the following:

  • Bring new technologies to Federal agencies, such as make National Parks and Federal Land Passes available for purchase online. 
  • Foster coordination among agencies, including providing real-time visitation data. 
  • Encourage responsible visitation so that the increase in traffic to the areas will not result in resource damage. These programs include partnerships with gateway communities to help address needs such as "parking, housing shortages, accommodation of visitors, and demands on municipal infrastructure."

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Bill to Establish a USDA Office of Agritourism

Fence and horses along a country backroad in rural York County, PA.Why It Matters: The bill (H.R. 5203) would establish an office within the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help communities leverage agritourism. This effort would strengthen rural economies. 

Summary: The Department recognizes that

  • Travelers have a growing interest in agritourism, including educational experiences, outdoor recreation, and special events and
  • These activities benefit rural communities because they generate visitor spending, share a community's rural heritage, and encourage farms to diversify and create related enterprises that raise supplemental income.
The office would bring new resources to agritourism and raise its profile. The office would work with the other USDA agencies and offices and advise the Secretary of Agriculture on issues relating to agritourism. It would also work with other Federal agencies and programs to promote agritourism programs and resources.

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What We're Reading

As destination stewardship is a key concern for many Clarity of Place clients, we're happy to share the ways tourism partners worldwide are reducing crowds, protecting natural assets, and ensuring resident quality of life. 

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Check out these meetings and events that can help you better support your destination and its economic development. The Clarity of Place team is planning to attend the meetings marked with an asterisk.