Despite advances in technology that have allowed the ubiquitous rise of “virtual” everythings, we believe that places still matter and that the issues and opportunities facing them will only continue to grow exponentially. 

A Different Perspective is our way of starting discussions and prompting ideas that will address these place-issues from multiple perspectives. Our goal is to highlight new data and ideas that stimulate these conversations so that we are able to build a deeper perspective and help find solutions that enrich destinations and the communities they serve. 


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David Holder

5 Tourism Trends to Tap in 2023

As the new year comes into full swing, I'm sharing some interesting themes Clarity of Place encountered during our work in 2022. Here are five topics that are emerging for destinations and the communities they serve that can help you position your community for success.

1. Transforming People

If you have not read Pine and Gilmore’s The Experience Economy, make 2023 your year to sit down with it. You can save yourself some time and jump to Chapter 10 to read about the transformational economy. Destinations that focus on providing experiences that transform their guests (mindset, health, environmental consciousness, etc.) will create unprecedented levels of guest satisfaction. Is your organization prepared to help your destination transform lives?

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