Despite advances in technology that have allowed the ubiquitous rise of “virtual” everythings, we believe that places still matter and that the issues and opportunities facing them will only continue to grow exponentially. 

A Different Perspective is our way of starting discussions and prompting ideas that will address these place-issues from multiple perspectives. Our goal is to highlight new data and ideas that stimulate these conversations so that we are able to build a deeper perspective and help find solutions that enrich destinations and the communities they serve. 


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Clarity of Place Staff

Moments of Clarity: March 2023

This month in Moments of Clarity, learn how our data storytelling can help you visualize your destination's competitiveness. Discover how two states are hoping to support small communities and enhance destination assets. See what we're reading and what meetings and conferences you should attend.

Moments of Clarity is proud to bring you data and insights to help you leverage your place-based assets. Your residents, businesses, and visitors will benefit.

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Moments of Clarity: Feb 2023

Welcome to our monthly blog - Moments of Clarity ! Here, we will share examples of data and insights to spark ideas on how to leverage your place-based assets. The results will benefit your residents, businesses, and visitors.

Moments of Clarity will also share examples of how we—or our trusted colleagues—have acted on that interesting “place-based” data. We'll give you more ways to tap what’s special about your community, news of how others are working to solve common issues or problems, and more. We hope these resources provide inspiration, clarity, and confidence as you work to enrich your destinations and communities.

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